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What Does The School Board Do?

It oversees the district management and evaluates the performance of the superintendent.  All powers and duties not delegated by state law to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) or State Board of Education (SBOE) are reserved for Trustees.  Trustees are frequently tasked with outlining the vision, structure, accountability, advocacy, and unity for educational programs and services.  LISD has seven Trustees.

A Commitment to Limitless Learning 

I am excited to run for LISD Board of Trustees, Place 3.  I am eager to be a voice and advocate for our children, other parents and educators.  My education, experience, and passion has prepared me for this role.  

The above pillars list my areas of focus. I will work to make the Board more accessible and accountable to the parents and students. I believe our educators should have more access to the Board in a safe space as well. I will work together with the Superintendent to make that happen. Education is best handled by those who are qualified in that role, but we need to collaborate on all sides. Sometimes, new energy and fresh ideas are needed to bring about innovation. I would look at our board processes and how we do things to determine if there is a better way. Are we aligning our student programs with how the world is changing - continuing to grow STEM but not leaving behind arts, music, trades? We need to be focused on a better future for all of our students. I would be laser-focused on leadership and education - learning is limitless and always happening -- as well as making us more competitive so we win back many of the students who have left us for private schools.

The IRS has said good board governance includes at least ONE financial expert on a board. Our current board has none. With my background, I can change that and help us focus more on fiscal responsibility, ensuring your investment in our chidren's futures yields the best returns. And I cannot forget about Title 1 Schools and the additional resources needed since my own child attend ones. No child left behind is not a catch phrase to me. I am ready to work on the behalf of all children in the district. I am the right voice at the right time. 

Michelle R. ~ Flower Mound

Sheila is a warm, wonderful strong woman! Her entire family is kind and genuine. She will be a great addition to the LISD Board!!